About us

Travis and Amelia met in Costa Rica in 2009 and discovered that they both had a passion for travel, adventure and the outdoors.

Amelia grew up at the base of Costa Rica’s tallest mountain Cerro Chirripo and developed her passion for the outdoors at an early age exploring the surrounding mountains where she lived. After high school Amelia studied business management in sustainable tourism at the National University of Costa Rica. Knowing she wanted to travel and work outside Amelia became an outdoor instructor and had the opportunity to travel and lead student groups in different countries around the world. Those experiences motivated Amelia to start her own business Selva Whitewater Adventures along with Travis.

Travis has always been inspired by the mountains and an outdoor lifestyle.  His passion for skiing led him to Colorado where he  attended the Colorado Mountain College to study Outdoor Recreation Leadership. There he focused on becoming an expert adventure guide.  In 2004 Travis began working full time as as a guide in Colorado guiding snowmobile tours in the winter and rafting tours in the summer.  It was while raft guiding that Travis discovered his passion for navigating rivers and whitewater kayaking. That passion is what motivated Travis to travel to Costa Rica where he fell in love with the tropical mountains, rivers, beaches and culture and saw an opportunity to follow his dream of starting an adventure tour company along with Amelia.

Starting with just a dream Travis and Amelia founded Selva Whitewater Adventures in 2011 with the idea of building a business that enabled both of them the ability to do what they love, and share the beautiful mountains and rivers of Costa Rica with other like minded travelers. After many years of working towards their dream and with the support of family and friends they have been able to open an office in San Gerardo de Rivas at the foot of Costa Rica’s tallest mountain Cerro Chirripo for their hiking and kayaking tours, and also a shop for their whitewater rafting and kayaking in La Virgen de Sarapiqui. They continue working to build their dream, guiding and designing custom adventure tours in Costa Rica.