Cerro Chirripó - 4 days 3 night hike

14,5 km lodge 8-10 Hrs Ascending 4-5 Hrs Descending Difficulty: Medium


Note: Three days, two nights spent in the National Park

Total Trip Duration: Four days, three nights

  • First night: San Gerardo de Rivas
  • Second and third night: Crestones Base-Chirripó
  • Fourth day: Return to San Gerardo
Day 1 Arriving to San Gerardo
You should arrive in San Gerardo de Rivas (1350 meters above sea level) a day before your walk begins, preferably before 4:00 pm, since you need to register in order to be able to enter the National Park. Also, early arrival is necessary for the visitors who wish to give their luggage to the Asociación de Porteadores Guías y Arrieros (the association that takes bags up to Crestones Base).
Day 2 Ascending Base Crestones
You will begin hiking at 5 o’clock in the morning to avoid rain and any other inconveniences that may present themselves throughout your ascent up the mountain. After three to four hours of hiking, you will arrive at Albergue Llano Bonito (the midpoint of the trail) where you will be able to rest and eat breakfast. Upon your arrival at Albergue Base Crestones, you will have the option of visiting the Alrededores and observing the sunset from Sabana de los Leones Viewpoint.
Day 3 Summit Chirripó
If you wish to see the beautiful sunrise that occurs in Cerro Chirripó, you should begin hiking preferably around 3 o’clock in the morning. After hiking to the top, we will hike to the Valle de los Conejos — Ventanas — Cerro Terbi — Crestones — Refugio. Later, you will arrive at the refuge to eat lunch and rest.
Day 4 Descending
You will begin your descent to San Gerardo de Rivas around 8:00 am. Your descent will take about four to five hours.

Al llegar a la cima del Chirripó, es una experiencia única en la vida y Caminatas al Chirripó hará que la oportunidad sea lo más segura, cómoda e informativa posible.

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